daddy's message

To hear Brad's message from Molly's memorial service go to www.highviewchurch.com and click on sermons (right hand side of the page) the message is under "Dancing with Daddy".


Kristen said...

Thank you for sharing EVERYTHING!
very teary eyed.
Love to you guys

pastorleap said...

Brad and Haley, even though you don't know me, you have touched my life dearly. I pray that God's grace will be sufficient for you in this time of great loss. I grieve with you, literally sitting here right now weeping and praying for you as I read your blog (I linked over from Acts29).

As a father of 4 myself, I don't think I can emotionally bear the thought right now of listening to your funeral sermon... it would really tear me up I'm sure. But I am praying for you and your family tonight and admire you all for your courage and your strong testimony of faith in the power of the gospel of Christ!

Know that when you see her next, Molly won't be weak or "broken" but strong in her new body, certainly more than able to "dance with her daddy" in the presence of our amazing Lord! God bless you!


wdodrill said...

Brad and Haley,

I thank god for your faithfulness and courage in this situation. I pray for your family and your church and I hope that your message is used by God to glorify His name and to make Himself known to others.

I have a little girl, born this June, and I've spent the last few hours praising God because of the perspective you provided.

I can't imagine what you are feeling but you are a great example of someone completely trusting in God and thanking Him for all things.

May His grace be sufficient!


Dusman said...

Brad and Haley,

I just finished listening to Brad's audio message. I am a 33 year old church planter in Greensboro, NC (I saw the link from Acts 29). My wife and I are parents to two of the most beautiful little (still living) girls that God has ever created. We also have experienced the joy and pain of watching five of our babies go to be with Jesus. Yes I said five.

Please know that I understand the pain, I understand the deep grieving, and I understand more than ever the effects of sin upon our world after watching my little babies die. I, like you, also now more than ever understand the beauty and comfort of the cross; that great instrument of reconciliation. Cling to Jesus during this time. Keep your eyes fixed on Him. Some days you are going to fall apart into a blubbering mess of tears and others you are going to try to walk in your own strength because you, like me, have feet of clay. Keep your eyes fixed on Him either way, knowing that He is sovereign over your path, He ordains the crooks in your lot, and He does it for your good, and His glory. I pray that God's grace would carry you through this time, and that the peace that passes all understanding would guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus by the power of the Spirit.

Love in the Lamb,

Pastor Dustin S. Segers
Shepherd's Fellowship of Greensboro

Anonymous said...

God just brought your family to my mind and impressed upon my heart to pray for you. I don't know what emotions you may be facing these days in Molly's absence. Just know that she is not forgotten and our prayers remain with you all. May you find yourselves wrapped tight in God's love tonight.

::Patience Leino